Flyttningsbevis (Proof of emigration document) for the widow Anna Stina Jäderqvist (maiden name Lundgren) and daughter Hulda Gustavi Jäderqvist

Completing The First 180 degrees of the Circle

Jäderquist mother and daughter emigrate


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In the mid 1930s in the presence of farmor, Hulda Jäderqvist Lundgren, I thought, as noted on my home page that  "Someday I would travel to Sweden and, when that day came, maybe even learn to speak Swedish."


In the the latter half of the 1870s, far north of the part of Sweden from which Anders Håkansson and Hanna Swenson, my farmors mor apparently thought to herself and said to her daughter "Someday soon we must leave all this here in Torsåker and emigrate to America. Perhaps it would be best if we emigrate to the city to which many from here in Torsåker and the surrounding towns, Valbo, Övansjö, Forsmark, and Kungsbacka, Worcester, Massachusetts. Even your cousins are already there Hulda, perhaps they can help us."


Once the decision had been made and the tickets purchased for the trip by ship across the Atlantic, the soon-to-be emigrants had to be recorded as emigrating from Sweden.


The document above (front side) states that the widow Anna Stina Jäderqvist with daughter Hulda Gustava Jäderqvist is to emigrate from Sweden to Norra Amerika with the port of departure being Göteborg from which even the Frodis emigrated to Worcester, Massachusetts. Daughter Hulda was born on the 20th of December 1876 in Garpenberg, Sweden and, as the document shows, is about to cross the Atlantic in July 1889 when she was 13 years old, not much different from the age at which Annika Frodi-Lundgren closed the circle by moving to Sweden from America.















 Hulda Gustava Jäderqvist in Worcester, Massachusetts several years after emigrating in 1889 (date of photograph not known)